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>>> good morning, america. on this tuesday, november 24th, breaking news. the moment of decision has arrived. our reporter says that the president will announce troops for afghanistan next tuesday night. and we have the latest. >>> massive warning about baby cribs. 2 million called back. the biggest recall in history. we show you why. >>> the lion in the last days. vicki kennedy, breaking her silence about senator ted kennedy's long battle with brain cancer. >>> family of 14. we see what life is like now for the octomom almost a year after. an exclusive interview. ♪ the time is now and now the wait is over ♪ >>> and the wait is over. rihanna takes center stage in the crossroads of the world, performing live only on "gma." >>> and good morning, to all of you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. and outside our window, we can see a wave of people pouring in for the rihanna concert. that's coming up at the end of the broadcast. >>> we have breaking news to begin with this morning. >> we do. president obama's advisers say a decision is coming on whether to send more troops to afghan
morning, america. on this friday, november 20th, end of an era. oprah winfrey, announcing today, she will end her network tv show in 2011, after 25 years of laughter, searching, wonder, and tears. >>> also this morning, another confusing jolt for women and their health. today, brand-new guidelines, calling for fewer pap smears. what's going on with these announcements now? >>> mark this moment. new numbers say the worst wave of swine flu could be over. ♪ sail away >>> and oh, board. we booked you a reservation on the biggest, most revolutionary cruise liner in the world. see what it's like to sail in a whole new way. >> good morning, america. come on board. >> we're going to show you the biggest cruise ship in the world. >> because we're right here. >>> good morning to all of you. it's robin roberts and chris cuomo. and our sailor, sam, is right out there, on the biggest cruise liner in the world, as you just saw. unveiled today on this broadcast. so big, how big is it? so big, it has a pool that drops below the ocean. so big, it has a park onboard. >> it holds 6,000 passengers. tw
>>> good morning, america. on this tuesday, november 10th, breaking news. tropical storm ida blasts ashore. a 400-mile-wide rainmaking machine. and sam champion is there, live. >>> ft. hood. did the fbi drop the ball? we show you e-mails between the suspected shooter and a radical muslim leader. and the attorney has visited his client in the hospital. and talks to us this morning. >>> countdown. the president about to make his decision on troops in afghanistan. and we have an abc news exclusive interview. >>> what's in your food? this morning, our investigation looks at what could contaminate your salad. >>> and watch this. a woman falls on to a subway track. bystanders frantically try to stop the oncoming train. she survives. and we have the unbelievable story, all caught on tape. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts, this morning. and we have been talking since we woke about that video. the woman falling on to the train tracks. and the passengers waving, to get the attention of the driver. the driver saw them. and she was shocked, she said, to see a head
havecoffland. it is a win not just for america but for him. >> megan saw this and said don't tell me we have a -- we have a birth. >> i don't know. some things -- >> wow. >> it has come down to that. >> all right. good morning maryland. >>> thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> let's look at our weather. good morning. thanks a lot. good morning, nice conditions out there to start off this monday morning. in fact we have temperatures very present at this point in time, 53 in kingsville, 54 right now in hah saturday, it is just as nice as it looks. a couple of clouds throughout the overnight they have cleared out nicely, mainly clear skies across the state of maryland. that will continue throughout most of the day today. high pressure when you have a front moving through, and we have high pressure that is built in and you can see this big area of precipitation out toward the west of us, way out across illinois and indiana. that will take its time getting to us. we won't be troubled by it. we have clouds across the way until wednesday, but that's about it. and then things may go
>>> good morning, america on this wednesday, november 25th. and this morning, breaking news. toyota set to announce today, it will replace the gas pedals on millions of america's most popular cars, after our reporting on pedals getting stuck in floor mat, causing deadly accidents. >>> the great getaway is under way. with americans taking cheaper routes home this year, we're live on the roads. and sam has the weather trouble spots for you. >>> we take you inside the president's first state dinner. from the menu. to the music. to the dress so many are talking about. >>> walmart and amazon faceoff. duking it out for your holiday dollars. just how low will they go? >> donny and kym. >> and donny osmond is crowned "dancing with the stars" champion. the three finalists have flown all night to dance one last time for you, live in times square. >>> and we do say good morning, america. i'm robin roberts, live here in washington. chris cuomo, there in new york. diane has the morning off. and, chris, i've got to tell you, undoubtedly, the state dinner last night, the president's first, was the
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.s.. >> a strategy where america saves more and spend less, reduces long-term debt and where china makes the adjustment across a broad range of policies. >> encouraging china to take a tougher line on iran and north korea. on climate change, he was trying to get them agreed to clean energy initiatives. >> barack obama is not going to get much out of china. they want to know what is in it for me. barack obama is not offering very much. >> what a magnificent place to visit. >> he toured the city, the heart of china's government. a-and the president honor. he is not coming away on any concrete winds on his biggest priority. in washington, and wbal tv. >> sarah palin's new book is coming to a store near you. the media blitz for the book began last week. she is giving some high-profile interviews. the book is already a top best seller on amazon.com. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think sarah palin's book is setting up a future presidential run? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> still ahead, and the tells how a new study shows that the uninsure
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, november 23rd, the radiation scare at the three mile island nuclear plant. 150 workers evacuated and we're live on the scene to tell you how it happened. >>> senate showdown on health care. this time, will the democrats fight each other? will they wrap it up by christmas? we have some answers on health care this morning. >>> the doctor in the michael jackson case goes back to work today seeing patients and a tearful show of support. >>> and television without oprah? gayle king is here to tell us why her best friend decided to end the 25-year reign of her show. >>> and "twilight" mania, gigantic box office, young girls and their moms. does this prove no sex is really what sells? and good morning, america. welcome to thanksgiving week. diane sawyer here with robin roberts. and we have been talking about that radiation leak on three mile island that caused real concern over the weekend. >> real panic in some ways. 20 workers were exposed to radiation and had to be decontaminated. while the company in charge says the public was never in any
area. baltimore is one of the top 10 best places in america to land a job. >> this man has been out of a job for 16 months and describes the job search process. >> without the necessary skills at my age, it is rather difficult for someone to give me an opportunity. >> friday, that opportunity finally came as he was able to land a job helping to baltimore city plus $66 million project for public housing improvements, a major sign that mayor dixon says the job market in the greater baltimore area is improving every day. >> this effort today he will create 92 jobs, will retrain individuals and assess them in the long term in the construction field. >> it seems baltimore is gaining national spotlight when it comes to jobs. the unemployment rate in september was 7.2%. that is well below the national rate. baltimore he ranked three as one of the best cities in the u.s. to find a job with only a d.c. and kansas city ahead of it. state labor officials say that is on the monetary >> we have an economy that has a great deal of federal contracting with their proximity to washington. we are in
. >> and america and the american people won today. >> the house of representatives passes a historic health care reform to provide coverage to millions more americans. the focus now shifting to the senate for the next phase of the health care reform battle. the house passed its version last night by a tight vote. brian mooar on capitol hill with the latest. >> the bill is passed! >> passage of the sweeping trillion dollar health care reform bill came down to a couple hours of debate and a handful of votes. >> some of my colleagues just received a call from the president of the united states. barack obama congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> the day began with president obama traveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. late in the evening, it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment is adopted. >> an amendment banning government-funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. republicans condemned the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how does it have to get before we stop the out-of-control spending. >> republicans p
. christian came to america when he was ten years old, when julian adopted him from a chinese orphanage. >> he was found in february of '99 end under an overpass. >> haunted by vague childhood memories of his family christian wanted answers. >> they left me and they abandoned me. that's what i thought the whole time. >> when he turned 14 he really started to seriously talk about finding his birth parents. >> reporter: from her home on maryland's eastern shore, julia searched extensively for christian's family contacting an organization that searching for missing children in china. >> i got an email back, they found him. >> reporter: the email contained a bomb shell for christian, his father says they were separated on route from a small town a local village. he searched frantically, but never saw his little boy again. >> oh my heart just broke as a mom you just immediately ache for that mom and that dad, what they went there thru. >> reporter: in august julia and christian boarded a flight to china, a chinese tv station flew christian's family to beijing for the dramatic reunion. >> the first
. rex as long as i am commander- in-chief, america will do right by veterans. >> what is important is that he make a decision, and make it reasonably soon. you have young men and women out there carrying the battle who are at great risk. if we have the wrong strategy, change it. >> the commander-in-chief met with advisers. besides general stanley mcchrystal's called for more troops and vice president biden's plan to send fewer, there are military plans for up to 30 top dozen more, reportedly backed by secretary of state clinton and vice chairman of the joint chiefs. that is almost as many new forces as mcchrystal requested, but president obama is looking past numbers to the revamped mission. >> go back to focusing on al qaeda and pushing back the taliban to the extent we can stabilize karzai's government to the extent that we can begin withdrawing troops. >> the commander in chief is still working on the plan. the new best guess on when president obama will announce his new afghan plan is around thanksgiving. >> it is an especially said veterans day in carroll county. a marine from
>>> good morning, america, on this monday, november 9th. hurricane ida driving toward the gulf coast and florida. emergency is declared. sam champion reporting live as the coast braces for ida's arrival. >>> al qaeda at ft. hood? did the suspected ft. hood gunman try to reach al qaeda and were american officials warned? brian ross investigates. >>> a mother's search for her young daughter's killer. we have an exclusive interview with somer's mom. >>> and what's in your food? our startling investigation. where does the beef and burger come from? what can it mean for health? >>> and sports, this soccer player's unnecessary roughness caught on tape. what should be her penalty? >>> and good morning to all of you. welcome to another week. diane sawyer with robin roberts. wouldn't you know three weeks left in the official hurricane season and the gulf coast looking at the first atlantic hurricane likely to crash onshore. >> talking about hurricane ida down to a category 1 now. 80-mile-per-hour winds, could make landfall as early as tomorrow morning. the national guard has put out a h
>>> good morning, america. on this thursday, november 19th, republicans call for a health care holy war? after senate democrats produce their plan for reform. will it be a showdown and a vote by christmas? >>> top secret torture center. abc news uncovers one of the cia's hidden sites for interrogating terrorists. >>> center of the storm. one of the doctors who called for those mammogram changes here to defend the decision in an exclusive interview. >>> can we handle the truth about movie popcorn? a new study shows a medium popcorn and a soda delivers three days' worth of fat and more. we'll show you. >>> and personal decision in the public eye. we remember her as chastity, the daughter of sonny and cher. she is now chaz living life as a man. this morning here live with the story behind the decision and the transformation. >>> and we welcome all of you. good to be with you. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts and it was the ordinarily restrained republican senator orrin hatch who said this is going to be a holy war as they entered the final phase of health care reform. >> a measure o
to the maryland state police the case involves the bank of america on ridge road. someone attached a skimmer to one of the bank's atms. authorities released these surveillance photos. they believe the same suspects used skimmers on atms in maryland and north virginia. anyone with information that could help catch the suspects is asked to call the westminster criminal investigation section. 410-386-3053. >>> now for a look another tonight's top stories. it is the day before thanksgiving. still no verdict in the trial of mayor sheila dixon. the jury was sent home about an hour or so ago after five days of deliberations. they'll get back do work monday morning after the long holiday weekend. today the jury watched video of testimony from three prosecution witnesses. the judge also denied two requests from the defense for a miss trial. >>> baltimore county police identified a woman who was shot by her boyfriend yesterday afternoon. her name is joyce daniels&she shared an apartment with jeffly newborn who was now charged with attempted murder. police say the couple shared the apartment with their
don't think that young mothers with infant children should be deployed. this is america. and this is our cheese. kraft singles. american cheese. only one nation could create it. and that nation is... america. a nation of dreamers. try harders. doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk. never oil like some other slices. it is the culmination of the american dream. all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese. >> an army specialist nist deployment to afghanistan because child care plans fell through, has been ordered to remain on a military base tick. >> it was one thing after another. she stressed out to the point where she was ready to do bodily harm to yourself. the last we heard was that they were going to send her to afghanistan for a special court martial. i could not grasp that. i did not understand. >> the specialists lawyer says her client was not trying to avoid the plan. -- avoided the plan -- deployment. >>> a babysitter says he put the child to bed and took a shower, and when he got out, the child was hundred gauntle
network straight to the home, with verizon wireless on americas's largest and most reliable 3g network. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v to get all four services, for just... plus an additional $150 back. only from verizon. >>> take a look at how baltimore police are being trained to be enforces and repair relationships on the streets. baltimore city police department has a new weapon in the war on crime. its officers. abc2 news investigator brian was the only reporter to be invited inside a new training program. >> reporter: there may be a comical or sad irony in comparing the streets of baltimore city to the war-torn neighborhoods of iraq. but military surge of two years ago exactly the impetus. >> we are trapped inside the damn car and riding around and going from place to place to place to place and accomplishing very little and changing very little. we need to slow down and -- invest in our people. slow down and get involved. do something real. >> reporter: the commissioner is investing in diamonds. borrowing the complete warrior theory
military at marshall airport. ♪ singing star spangled banner present pr]. >> miss america 2009 performed the national anthem at the airport today. sense the uso lounge opened at the airport in 1999 the volunteers have helped almost 600,000 service members and their families. >>> from comedy to sci-fi to old classic. wide variety of movies hitting stores this week. kandace has deals in the low down. kandace? >> thank you jeff. sasha bayern cohn is used to creating quite a stir at theaters and the numbers prove it as borrow at would say the movie bruno was a great success. pick up the comedy on dvd tomorrow. >> what is up? >>reporter: he is back. this team as an us a screen fashion reporter looking for the life of family and fortune in america. through the journey he find himself in coweta few interesting situations. dvd includes never before seen foot among and commentary by the director and sasha barren cohen explaining exactly how they pulled off all of those pranks. . get ready trekie. jj star trek is coming to dvd and blue ray tomorrow. >> if luck. the sign fiction film r
not normally see. >> wave. hey, america. hey, america. i gave them, like, 50 dinars to some kid who was crying because this house blew up. >> his ability to reach out to kids and young people there. >> some moments make them proud, others make them laugh. >> he needed to be babied and nobody was going to over there. he needed peanuts and mountain dew. >> this is something to look forward to, always. >> 48 hours later, he was hit by enemy fire while trying to save the squadron leader. they receive to the dreaded knock on the corporatdoor. >> first thing i asked was was he hurt or is he dead? i could not be there. that was the most hopeless moment of my life. >> it was december 28, 2006. >> it has been almost three years in calendar time, but in dad time, it has been 24 hours. >> he will not get a fishing trip with his son, but they say that the video will allow them to see the war through billy's eyes, to see how the baby grew into a man and an american hero. >> i can look at those videos -- every one of them -- and say, "that's my kid," and be very proud. >> an incredibly touching story. past
'malley announce agreement between port administration and private firm port america chesapeake. company wants to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade the marine terminal and operate the port. >> because it is going to allow us to retain the jobs we have with the port but actually to create a lot of new jobs in the construction of the larger wider bert necessary in order for baltimore to accommodate the largelyer ships now able to go through the panama canal. >> renovations will take about 5 years. >>> controversy surrounding president obama former pastor is moving into andarundle county tonight. >> barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and culture that is controlled by rich, white people. >>reporter: there is already political fall out surrounding the reverend jeremiah wright scheduled appearance at banquet hall in glen byrne. naacp says there will be additional security for the event while some politicians will be there. others plan to steer clear of the event. >>> reverend wright to me represents everything that is wrong with the racial discussions
birthday. >>> 6:55. i'm sure we have a lot more from the gulf coast on ida on "good morning america" coming up. expwried working its way on shore with 50 mile-per-hour winds. we have thickening clouds from a cold front to the west. that cold front could bring us showers this evening but a warm day at 6 5. showers overnight, drizzle and light rain, 50 but most of the heavy rain from ida stays well to the south. we'll be clipped with an easterly wind that will actually cause high waves and beach erosion from delaware, maryland beaches all the way southbound and keep us with the threat at least of showers and only 48 on thursday, 53 on friday. warming up over the weekend. kim? >>> we had volume starting to pick up around the beltway but only one incident to let you know about, that is southbound on the harrisburg expressway approaching timonium road, that crash does currently block the right lane causing a slowdown from about padonia past timonium road so give yourself a few extra minutes. jfx, a little building volume as you make your way at cold spring lane but no problems to let you know a
-biting semi final elimination round of dancing with the stars america said good-bye to joe anna and derek. the partners will not advance to week ten. they are forever on mystic and proud of their performances. >> i think i became more confident knowing i could do more things. i wasn't a dancer. i came into this competition and i overcame the semi finals. it showed me i can do whatever i want. >> i'm happy. i'm not sad i got eliminated. i'm happy because i look at the accomplishments i did. >> next week on dancing the final three couples turn up the heat as they compete for the win. >>> with a look ahead to the news at 6:00 a 5-year-old maryland girl gets a hero's honor. >>> just in time for thanksgiving wild turkeys are on the loose in big air. how they are getting friendly with the neighbors. now a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. >> reporter: coming up. the plague effort to show how many jobs have been created by the economic stimulus. criticism for the decision to try terrorism suspects in new york. so what comes to mind when we switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv lo
of state and local officials gathered for the governor's announcement that port america is starting a new 50 year contract. >> this partnership reports that america will help us achieve our goals for creating jobs and expanded opportunities. >> this new contract will bring in 5700 new jobs to the port. >> this will mean construction jobs and 2000 jobs in the container business. >> this is a partnership. for america will be responsible for running the terminal. the construction of a new 50 ft birth -- berth makes this the second court to accept the largest of ships. >> in 2014, the panama canal will become a lot wider. that will allow baltimore to handle more freight and that will create more jobs. >> this agreement still needs to go to the border of public works for final approval. a lot of new jobs brings a lot of money. >> temperatures all across the region are not all that bad for this time of year. we're seeing a breedings well into the 50s across most of the beltway area fifties and those locations. we get into court for this but you have to get way out into the far western maryland.
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. >> doubles the united states of america. thank you very much. -- god bless the united states of america. >> more trauma concerning michael jackson's memorial service. one party is saying they are being below the -- bullied into paying costs. investigators found a body of schneider davis. -- of davis. shaniya >> new tonight at 530, the owner of the mall has a lot of debate about a casino at the mall. the city council is set to make a zoning decision next month, but this -- of the store's owner tells them to bring it on. >> simon property group is the indianapolis-based company that owns the randall mills and said they took the unusual step for advocating for one potential tenant to bring slots out publicly for the first time. >> >> greg goodman is president of the company that runs the mall. his first point is that anyone that says a slot for the family nature of the mall, no one has the greater reason to protect what there is now than he does. >> we have a center that is 100% leased with the parking lot filled every weekend. we -- this was very successful. we did not have to do this. af
] [laughter] ♪ ♪ god bless america land that i love >> while the choir performed -- ♪ >> bands play the end schaefer waived. >> [unintelligible] >> when the big moment finally came, the statue was unveiled. >> 3, 2, 1, here it is. >> the man was overcome. it is the 80th birthday, perhaps better than any other. -- it was his 88th birthday, perhaps better than any other. >> i started hearing a long time ago. i am going to take two more minutes because i saw somebody on. [laughter] -- i saw somebody yawn. [laughter] >> that was hardly all he had to say. we have much more coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> he is never at a loss for words. we have continuing coverage of the statute dedication on our website, wbaltv.com. you will find more of his remarks and the show from the ceremony. >> that is more like it. the baltimore ravens three-game losing streak is over. the sports director joins us live. great game. >> it is the kind of game that has the town reenergize by the ravens. there will have the all community team auction party tonight. several of the players of's nonprofit foundations will be
in america. >> we pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to home. their memory will be honored in the places they live and the people they touched. their life's work is our security. and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. >> investigators continue to look into the emails and actions of the accused gunman and his connections with radically us -- radical islamist. >> we are remembering another person from maryland who has given his life in service of the cause. he was from union bridge. he was killed saturday. he is an eight-year veteran of the marine corps. he received 10 a purple hearts. details surrounding his death have not been released. -- he received two purple hearts. details surrounding his death have not been released. >> maryland leaders have created freedom. line 24/7. housing and job resources. creek's senator ben cardin is looking at an extraordinary number of active-duty suicides serving in afghanistan. they are looking at how many troops have been prescribed anti-depressant drugs during their deployment. he wants to see if there is a connection be
family can get more out of less. smooooooth. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. america's softest bath tissue. >>> it is wjz, maryland's news administration. >>> we are now in the 6:00 hour, and wrapping up november in fairly nice fashion and starting out a new week of working and commuting. christy will have the latest on that. tim williams is in for marty in first warning weather. >> we are ening oen a mild note. yesterday we got to just around 67. today about 10 cooler than that, but still, above the normal temperature for the last day of november. take a look at your forecast. starting in the 50s area wide we will get up to a high with rain moveing into the region this afternoon of about 57, back down into the 40s for tonight. we stay mild, the rain doesn't stay with us but it will be moving through this afternoon, late this morning into early afternoon. we have the complete updated forecast coming up. >>> thank you, christy if nor sharon gee gibala, no problems on delays in either direction. as for the beltway, an easy ride in and around. we industrial the crash to watch for
claritin clear. indoors and out. >> the u.s. navy and america's perseverence. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah weiner in for kate amara. our top stories in jome. first a look outside with john collins. >> an indicator, i didn't have to scrape the windshield this morning. temperatures are above freezing, not below freezing. in addition to the chilly air we have, we have a hurricane moving into the gulf of mexico. still the tropical storm and hurricane season. still winter -- hardly winter-like at this stage. we are headed toward spring-like weather. more on that in a mome. as we were yesterday morning, storm-free around the mid-atlantic region. i have had to resort the national radar imaginary to show you where the storms are. a little bit more action in the pacific northwest as yesterday. northern plains. also up in the state of maine and the maritime provinces of canada. here's the rain sorted with ida moving into the gulf of mexico. we'll talk about these weather systems and how at th
cents. it's just another way america runs on dunkin'. the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, everyone. time for the morning's business news. from the baltimore business journal. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to it when it comes to minority contractors and slots, we have -- we're running into a slight problem. >> it could be. basically, we need contractors to meet the 25% minority goal set by the state. and i think this could be a problem because of course this is a nacent industry here in maryland. basically, the message from the state is even if we don't have manufacturers, get creative. so look at maintenance, look at consulting. and that's exactly what those who plan on bidding on the actual slot machines are planning to do. there could be a situation where somebody asks for a waiver but i don't think that would be granted. >> ok. the tech industry is making sure that they are going to be immun
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on our website writing. america is headed in the wrong direction as far as our freedom is concerned. well, you can go to foxbaltimore.com and tells us what you think. and sound off through facebook. send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the acorn scandal forced congress to cutoff funding and now they are fighting congress. (inaudible). >> it all started right here in baltimore. people posing as a pimp and prostitute walk into a acorn office and you heard them how to commit tax fraud. after several other videos showing similar videos in other cities, congress passed legislation cutting the organization out of millions of dollars of public money. now lawyers for acorn are suing. they say the law is unconstitutional, because it only targets acorn. critics of acorn say the lawsuit is baseless. >> is a non-profit organization with ties to iran violating the tax exempt status? washington times is working on a story on about the national iranian american council that claims to r
they will repay the government bailout including bank of america, citigroup, centrust, wells fargo, and a couple of others. they received about $142 billion in bailout together. we have stock futures slightly -- looking at a flat start to things. banks in asia will have to raise more capital. better than expected home sales. shares of hewlett-packard -- keep an eye on them. more travelers at expensive hotels. they are offering fashionable products with lower prices. starr would hotels is offering -- starwood is offering discounts of under $125 a night. >> we will see you back here for your next report. last night, our hidden camera followed a secret shoppers inside of local stores. she had good news and bad news. tonight at 11:00, she is back with more. >> to net the secret shopper hands upgrades to more than half a dozen stores. one of them will be her best one yet. she is in stores all around the baltimore maryland area. she shops for toys and household goods and gives her opinion over the overall experience. one store gets a club in grade. >> outstanding customer service all the way around. >
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to hear the announcement that port america has signed a contract to operate the terminal for the next 50 years. the development could be summed up in three words, jobs, jobs, jobs. this is good news for those who have spent their lives on these stocks. >> this is the first time anything like this has ever been done. this is a big day for the port of baltimore. >> my livelihood and my security is sound. >> 3000 jobs will be in place for years. there is a $105.5 million price tag on ia new berth. >> we will need to be able to accommodate those ships so that we can create more jobs. >> there is the potential of $1.3 billion over the 50 year agreement and is expected to generate $50.7 million per year for maryland. >> this agreement would help make our port of more track -- more attractive shipping destination -- our port a more attractive shipping destination. >> they will pay for the preservation of roads and bridges. >> still to come, with just a week to go before thanksgiving, one part of baltimore is beginning to look like christmas. >> or red -- rev. jeremiah right comes to town -- a j
world leaders that america is still an economic player. >> 1 news sunday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few patches of fog and here there. temperatures are solidly in the 50's around the region, a few suburban
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at home and in europe. latin america is the only market that had stronger sales, especially argentina. businesses and cost cutting and the introduction of new beers is the reason. in an start to things this morning. stocks ending yesterday's session higher. the federal reserve will keep interest rates low. gold futures rising 27% so far this year. gold may hit a record high of $1,300 an ounce by the end of the year. it is trading at $1,116 an ounce. it is close to the record high we saw yesterday. increase government borrowing is keeping the value of the dollar low. according to the wall street journal, the obama administration may use money from the terps fund to close the deficit. at the new york stock exchange, jane and keen. -- kaining. >> we have good news for those that like the occasional cocktail but you like -- to not like it watered-down. accompanying says it will take a few minutes for the liquor ice cubes to process in the machine. no more watered down and drinks. >> as they melt, you're drunk gets stronger as opposed to a reg'lar drink with regular ice -- your drink gets
council president, a number of state and local officials gathered for the announcement that port america is starting a 50-year contract to operate baltimore's marine terminal. >> this partnership opportunity. >> this new contract will bring in 5700 new direct, indirect, and new jobs to the port. >> this will mean 3000 construction jobs and 2700 jobs to handle increased container business. >> the governor points out that this is not a sale of the port but a partnership. ports america will be responsible for running the daily operations of the terminal as well as investing in numbers -- millions of dollars in infrastructure and a construction of a new 50 foot- birth. this is only the second port on the east coast to except the largest of ships. that will come in handy very soon. >> 2014, the panama canal, we will be water. -- will be larger. we can create more jobs as a result. >> coming up, this weekend's new movies. >> learn why doctors are more convinced that even small amounts of alcohol might increase your risk for breast cancer. >> the storm is down south and we will have to deal wit
in customer satisfaction. america's top rated internet and phone all together for our new low price of just... call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 8-974-66 tty/v and get $150 back plus a free dvr for three months. don't wait. get all three amazing services for just... hurry, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 8-974-66 tty/v >> that slots come to anne arundel county, many jobs are expected to follow. >> a career expo was held for people that would like to find a job if the casino were to come. >> people were lined up in the arundel mills mall today for a chance to work in a casino that has not even been built. some were contractors, and others were just average people hoping to find a job. >> a job is what i am searching for. >> i have been laid off since january 2008. >> i am a local contractor looking to drum up some more work. >> we need a job that, and we all love to gamble, so why not work at this place? >> you are talking about security and casino managers, finance, human resources, anything from the ground level construction to running th
america and going over to the western caribbean. a tropical storm. sunshine today. 57-62. quite a bit warmer than yesterday. 68 degrees for the high tomorrow. 70 on monday. in the 60's for the rest of the week. a small chance for a shower on tuesday and on friday. >> most of us philip our car with gas. it can quickly ignite -- uill up our car with gas. it can quickly ignite. -- fill up our car with gas. it can quickly ignite. >> this comment pumps gas and get back into her car. when she touches the nozzle, static electricity ignites the fuel. this man tries to fill up a gas can without removing it from the truck. a man here is on his cell phone and starts to pump gas. you can see the result. a man pumping gas was killed. fire investigators have not determined the cause of that deadly fire. >> there was a melted piece of plastic. that was seized as evidence. it will be analyzed to see if it was a gas container. >> right now, we do not know the cause. >> right now, we still do not know the cause. >> some things can keep you safe when filling up your car with gas. the most important thin
one of america's best selections of cars, trucks and suvs. click on buy@toyota.com. now it's time for what we've been waiting for all morning. the mammoth manic monday meltdown. ♪ >>> the beginning of the half hour leading up to the finest five minutes of television in the united states of america. let's throw it to ron matz live at fells point. >> reporter: good morning, how are you guys doing on this fabulous monday morning? >> we're doing fantastic. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: in this segment we'll meet all the folks who have been kind enough to come down here this morning. all right... everybody... let's, we want to meet folks and we want everybody to hear. how are you? >> i'm casey from the casey garris foundation. >> reporter: thanks for coming down. excellent. your name, sir? >> i'd be bobby nick. >> reporter: good to see you. who do we have here? >> i'm mary. this is the volunteer fire department juniors. we want to give you our 65th anniversary shirt. >> reporter: in another year, that's where i'm going to be. good to see you. who do we have right here? >> mack
, and they are not alone. with the verizon quad play. call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access with one year agreements. it's a bundle you can't get with cable. call now and we'll add a special bonus: $150 back. it adds up to the deal of the year. there's only one thing that doesn't add up: staying with cable. we've put them all together so you can save more than ever - verizon wireless, plus fios tv, plus fios internet, plus home phone - save $14.99 a month. call now and we'll add $150 back. pick the phone and save. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v >> one of the baltimore ravens biggest rivals is coming to town on sunday, the pittsburgh steelers. >> fans are going to be given white towels with the ravens logo on it. pete gilbert has the story. >> the ravens sit here at 5-5.
not. more than 500,000 are born in america every year, costing americans $26 billion. >> preterm births cost more. this is a major-league problem. >> munier early birds can be prevented by encouraging women not to smoke -- many early birds can be prevented by encouraging women not to smoke, one in five still do, and by koestani elective sections that induce labor until -- postponing elective sections that induce labor until 35 weeks. >> there are a number of various things that happen every week, the statistics get better. >> but the march of dimes gives the nation a "d" for preventing to -- for failing to prevent more. >> knowledge is power. it is really about educating ebbert ready. >> and giving everybody a chance to be born healthy. >> maryland got an "f"-- over 13% of its babies are born premature. >> not good news for maryland. any report finds sexually transmitted diseases are on the uptake. teen girls and women in their early 20s are the most affected by as tds, like chlamydia and gonorrhea. many are undetected because they may have no symptoms and those that go untreated
's just another way america runs on dunkin'. the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we are talking about food. one of our favorite subjects. >> we have some problem spots. nothing major, but delays in the west side, 8 miles an hour. this is due to an earlier disabled vehicle for all lanes are open at frederik. 795 down to edmonds and is the area. back river neck road is closed at hamburg. northbound 29, there's a disabled vehicle at the parkway. the west side had delays that will be there for awhile. >> sunshine with temperatures at 63 degrees this afternoon. 60 on saturday. the ravens game on sunday night will have a thick clouds, but it will stay dry it with a high near 55. the rain will stay away until monday. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> good luck, ravens. wbal
is expected as the tracks for central america. it looks like by sunday it may be approaching cancun. early next week, perhaps pushing into the gulf of mexico with 50 mile an hour winds. the hurricane or tropical storm season goes until the end of november, so it looks like we have a late-season storm to keep an eye on coming up from the south. more sunshine for saturday and sunday into monday, near 60 saturday. i think we will hit about 70 on monday before the next front arrives with some showers tuesday evening. >> there are serious concerns after some wall street firms received as much h1n1 vaccine as some hospitals did in new york city. >> it is too eager mission designed to keep children safe for in the back seat of a car. >> we have all seen the long lines of people waiting, hoping they will be able to get the h1n1 vaccine. >> wall street got deliveries of the vaccine for the most important employees, and they received more of the vaccine and many hospitals. we have more on the outrage some are feeling. >> new anger over the shortage of h1n1 vaccine. reports several wall street firms
in central america, then re-emerged, off the coast of cancun when it was a hurricane yesterday. winds increasing from 90 to 105 miles per hour. it passed halfway between cancun and cuba and now it's re-emerged into the gulf of mexico and it's sitting roughly 375 miles to the south of pensacola, florida, where it may make landfall overnight tonight. it has weakened from 105 mile-per-hour winds down to 90 and we'll show you our forecast track in a moment. that was cancun as the busy resort just escaped a glancing blow. back outside, 41 degrees now, we hit the dew point. looks like more widespread fog this morning, otherwise sunshine developing. we have to deal with two systems. one, this band of clouds you're about to see approaching from the west. that is our cold front. that extends all the way to the gulf coast which catches us to another wave of low pressure off the texas shoreline and then we've got this one, if you can see it at the bottom of the screen, the radar just picking up on the outer edge rain bands of ida. there's two systems across the gulf coast we're going to watch i
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